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Professional Complete Mixing Kits
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  ← Back Next →   Professional Complete Bartending Mixing Kits We are the only online bar... [More]

Bartending School - Testimonials from our Students
Testimonials →
Testimonials from Bartending School Students "I knew absolutely nothing about bartending, but your course was simple and... [More]

PBSO Professional Bartending School - Official Site
PBSO Official Site →
Beware of Imitations is the ONLY official site for PBSO - Professional Bartending School We do not ad... [More]

Cream Drinks Lesson: Making a Grasshopper
Tour - lessons use demonstration videos →
  ← Back Next →   Cream Drinks Lesson: Making a Grasshopper The bartending course lessons use dem... [More]

Instructional Audio and Video
Tour - Instructional Audio and Video →
  ← Back Next →   Instructional Audio and Video The videos and graphic illustrations help you vi... [More]

Interactive Practice Bar
Tour - Have Fun: Meet People! →
  ← Back Next →   Have Fun! Meet People! Earn your bartending certificate fromProfessional Barte... [More]

Resources to Get the Bartending Job You Want!
Tour - Job Placement Resources →
  ← Back Next →   Resources to Get the Bartending Job You Want! After passing the final ... [More]

Bartending School Course Tour
Course Tour →
  ← Back Next →   Bartending School - Course Tour Welcome to the Professional Bartending... [More]

Register for Bartending School
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Register / Enroll in Bartending School ProfessionalBartendingSchool Contact Us Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8:00 a.m.... [More]

Bartending School - FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions About Bartending School  +  How old do I have to be to become a bar... [More]

How the Bartending Course Works
Tour - How It Works →
  ← Back Next →   How the Bartender Mixology Course Works The Bartending Mixology course... [More]

Customer Service and Support
Tour - Customer Service and Support →
  ← Back Next →   Professional Bartending School's Customer Service and Support If you h... [More]

Visual Aids and Illustrations
Tour - Visual Aids and Illustrations →
  ← Back Next →   Visual Aids and Illustrations We help you recognize and understand the... [More]

Student Handbook
Tour - Student Handbook →
  ← Back Next →   Bartending Student Handbook We include an electronic version of our re... [More]

Become a Bartender Today!
Tour - Become a Bartender Today! →
  ← Back Next →   Become a Bartender Today! Thank you for viewing this course tour! Affo... [More]

Interactive Flash Cards
Tour - Interactive Flash Cards →
  ← Back Next →   Interactive Bartending Flash Cards The course contains interactive flash cards fo... [More]

Training Manual & Recipe Book
Tour - Training Manual and Recipe Book →
  ← Back Next →   Bartender Training Manual & Recipe Book Enroll in a bartending cou... [More]